The storied life of Jake Johnson, writer.

Jake was born pre-maturely on the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. His mother, against all advice, braved the 19,000-foot climb at eight months pregnant, claiming that an angel had appeared to her in a dream and promised that she would have a healthy child if she were to journey to the small village of Machame and touch the edge of Kibo.

Succumbing to the severe lack of oxygen induced by the combination of her climb and the pressure Jake’s fetal self exerted on her sternum, his mother went into labor. To this day Jake carries the spirit of the Maasai Ngaje Ngai within him—that is, the “House of God”. It is said that his mother descended from the mountain with a efflorescent light surrounding her and that her body had suffered no trauma from the birth. This lead many to claim that Jake was actually a son of the mountain.

Which was total bullshit. This is Jake when he had hair. He is a writer. Sometimes he lets people pay him for it. He is not a hipster. He only looks like one.

The real life of Jake Johnson, writer.

A seasoned, entrepreneurial, and creative communications professional adept at building programs from the ground up, creating winning strategies with limited resources, and empowering an organization’s objectives through earned, owned, and paid channels. A people person who appreciates good humor, thrives in meaningful institutions, and exhibits deep strategic business experience.

Experience includes:

Founding agency partner, chief copywriter, creative director, managing editor, book editor, managing director, content strategist, communications director, project manager, and barista (of course).

Clients include:

Portland State University, BECU, Foster Pepper, Array Health, Peterson Sullivan, Seattle Gospel Mission, Medical Teams International, Seattle Seahawks, Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, and Caffe Vita.

Selected press

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