👋 Hi, I'm Jake. I lead creative and marketing teams with a focus on bottom line results and happy, productive team members.

In my past life, I co-founded Belief. I then served as Brand Experience Director at Phinney Bischoff. Before those gigs, I led creative, copy, and content strategy for non-profits, and helped write 20+ books with clients.

Today, I lead brand and product marketing at Keap, where I work everyday with an amazing team of designers, writers, videographers, developers, and strategists to help small businesses succeed.

Below are just a few of the nice things folks have said about working with me. 🎉

“Jake leads with thoughtful insight. The teams he leads are well cared for and inspired. He’s able to turn complexity into simplicity. While companies often communicate in laborious and inhuman ways, Jake is able to give them a human voice that’s dripping with charm.”
– Colin Day, Principal Creative Director, Microsoft

"Perhaps what most distinguishes Jake from other creative leaders I've worked with is a mathematical mindset that compliments his deeply creative bent and skills. To have such a creative leader dig as much into the business side of marketing and numbers as on the creative is to have a capability that lifts all the marketing departments at once. I have never had the great gift of having such a person on my leadership teams."
– Paul Rosenfeld, Senior Vice President, Granular

"I was fortunate to work with Jake as part of the Keap Marketing Leadership team. Jake is an intelligent, creative marketing leader who is a unique combination of creative problem solver, analytic powerhouse and common sense strategic thinker. Jake thoughtfully and nimbly drives his team to adapt creative marketing approaches to help achieve business goals. Jake always steeps his thinking in smart analysis, quickly synthesizing data to identify insights that drive creative solutions. Jake's skills, personality and positive approach to problem solving make him an influential thought leader at all levels. Lastly, Jake is a great teammate who is always open to throwing around ideas and consistently comes up with unique perspectives. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jake and would love the opportunity to work along side him again."
– Jim Chidester, Sr. Director, Netspend

"When I first met Jake, not only did I know I liked him but I knew I wanted to work with him as much as possible. As one of the brightest thinkers I've ever met, Jake adds enormous value as a leader and influencer on teams working across a wide spectrum of creative endeavors. Hi ability to cultivate depth of thinking and breadth of impact is unparalleled. If you're looking for a senior creative executive to elevate your game, Jake is your guy."
– Joel Fariss, Design Research and Innovation, Gensler

“Jake is a master at both content strategy and in crafting the content itself. As a director, not only is he able to fulfill hard-to-meet deadlines inside of the hectic agency world, he’s able to do so while making sure his team is well cared for and operating at peak performance. Additionally, he hosts the best ‘open office hours.’ You should ask him about them sometime.”
– Perry Azevedo, Partner, Prota Ventures

“In the fast-paced world of Online Advertising, Jake has been an amazing contact to have—he’s ready to go, ready to roll, and his copy goes over well with even the toughest of clients. We’ve worked on books, websites, SEO copy, social media, marketing copy and more—and one thing remains the same—his copy is fresh, creative, and impresses my clients, from Fortune 500 to local clientele. He’s great for a good laugh, too.”
– Rachael Zahn, VP of Client Services at ZOG Digital

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