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Reformation Bible College
Written by jake

Reformation Bible College wanted to refresh their brand to increase applications and attract a wider audience of young students. The result was “Above All, Know God”—and more applications in the first month than the total prior year combined.


The first American colleges were created to provide a liberal education and develop spiritual leaders. Although most universities have long since moved away from their religious roots, Reformation Bible College (RBC) is dedicated to continuing in the grand tradition of classical Christian education.

RBC wanted to increase awareness and enrollment, and appeal to a broader base of students, while still retaining the core of who they were—a Reformed, Christian college—in a world that values vocational education over classical education. RBC partnered us to help communicate their unwavering commitment to bringing together a higher calling with a higher education.

Working closely with RBC, we developed a new messaging and visual language for the college and translated those concepts into a new website and a mobile site.


A traditional college education provides students with a degree—a ticket to a job, a career, or a higher earning potential. RBC’s vision is much deeper. Rather than simply granting a diploma, RBC focuses on providing education that readies students to live a life that glorifies God, proclaims His kingdom, and fosters an ongoing reformation.

With this in mind, we helped RBC refine their brand by providing a new tagline—“Above All, Know God”—and a copy deck inspired by that tagline.


Visual Language

Colleges are really about people. Yet, often we think of old buildings and dusty books. In working with RBC, it was clear that they valued their students and wanted to visually communicate their dynamic student life. We developed a warm, inviting, photo-based visual language that put people first throughout the website and brand.



Our focus was on creating an online experience where RBC could tell their story in a powerful and striking way, appealing to potential students and their parents.

We accomplished this through a magazine-inspired layout, with an emphasis on visual content. Each page was intentionally designed for and inspired by the content; we worked within a visual and architectural system, but created a great degree of variety and flexibility.



The mobile site is a simplified, scaled-down version of the website. We distilled the content for easy on-the-go reading and provided a simple field for users to enter an email address and receive more information on enrollment and academics.


My project role

Site architecture, content strategy, and copywriting

The project team

Jesse Bryan, Creative Direction

Jon Ashcroft, Art Direction

Justin Tucker, Web Development

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