Selected Work

Redemption Church
Written by jake

Two large churches with over 6,000 members and 30 years of combined history want to merge with a new name, brand, and website…in a couple months. No problem. The result: “Gospel Centered, Outward Focused.”

In the summer of 2010, two large churches in the Phoenix, Arizona metro-area, Praxis Church and East Valley Bible Church, merged. Unlike most mergers, this was a true combining of strengths, as both churches were well-off financially and growing. The leadership team overseeing the merger wished to express the unique nature of the merger by shedding the previous branding of both churches and combining to form a new entity—Redemption Church.

My work on the project included:

Working with a great team of freelancers, we announced the merger, completed the rebrand, rolled out the elements and messaging, and launched the new website within a couple months.

My role

Branding strategy, Creative direction, content strategy, site architecture, and copywriting

Project team

Consulting/video producer: Lukas Naugle
Art direction: Greg Lutze, Jon Ashcroft
Web development: Terralever

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Selected Press

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