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Rainsong Media
Written by jake

Rainsong Media specializes in building beautiful, custom websites for their clients. When it came to building their own website, they wanted to be sure to have quality copy and a tagline to match their quality site. The result was “Handcrafted websites. Exceptional service.”

Rainsong Media gives personalized and exceptional service to clients, and they love building websites.

As a small agency, they have a distinct advantage over many larger firms because each client has access to the people working on their project instead of working through the many layers of a larger organization. This results in a very personal interaction between Rainsong and their clients.

As part of the copy strategy for the Rainsong website, we wanted to humanize web development, which can be a mechanical and obscure process. We also wanted to hit on one of the hallmarks of Rainsong, their amazing customer service.

The end result? “Handcrafted Websites. Exceptional Service.” A simple but comprehensive statement that captures the values that drive Rainsong.

From there, we developed the rest of the site’s copy with a simple flow of “Why Rainsong,” Rainsong’s select portfolio, and a simple call to action on the contact page.

We also had a little fun with Internet culture by placing some unexpected copy on the site for the careful reader. See if you can find it.

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