TuTu Kickstarter

Taiwan-based Roam & Wander wanted to launch their latest product, TuTu, in the US market. The goal was to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter through a comprehensive 30-day campaign. We did just that.

Kids love playing games on iPhones, but sometimes playing with a smart device comes at the expense of real-life interaction. Roam & Wander, a company re-imagining the way software, devices, and toys can, together, create new entertainment and learning experiences for kids, wanted to created a physical toy experience for kids through touch-enabled toys.

By combining both toys and apps, kids play in a way that is both physically and mentally engaging.

We worked with Roam & Wander to raise $25,000 to start-off their product launch of TuTu, an iPhone-powered stuffed animal that combines apps and toys.


In order to bring TuTu to life, Roam & Wander used the Kickstarter platform. We crafted the messaging, helped with brand positioning, did blogger and media outreach, and created a landing page that drove traffic to the Kickstarter page.

Additionally, our goal was to help Roam & Wander understand what was at the essence of TuTu—not just a product, but a philosophy. Roam & Wander wanted to create integrated digital and physical toys that teach valuable life skills to kids, turning screen time from a passive experience to an engaged, interactive, and educational experience. We crafted a particular messaging that would articulate their deeper mission while generating interest in this innovative toy.


We believed TuTu was more than just a cutting-edge app for kids, and we wanted a strong tagline to communicate this sentiment. We decided on “Imagination at Play.” All messaging emerged from the idea that TuTu was play on purpose—not passive play, but real life play, the kind that unleashes a lifetime of imagination for children.

Brand Positioning

iPhone apps for kids are nothing new. There are thousands available on the market, so we needed to distinguish TuTu from the rest. But as digital experiences for children grow, we lose something—that sense of wonder that comes with physical play. TuTu is more than an app—it’s a plush, physical toy powered by an iPhone app. TuTu brings the world of apps and toys together in a new, exciting way.

Roam & Wander Landing Page

We wanted to create a simple, playful landing page for people to sign up to receive news about TuTu. The main focus was the lifestyle video, featuring a family interacting with their TuTu doll. We included a rainbow motif that is part of the TuTu story, and created large, colorful buttons for social pages and the press kit.

PR and Outreach

Once we were able to position TuTu in a saturated market, we identified the audience most likely to engage with the TuTu concept and created an extensive list of tech and mommy bloggers. Outreach efforts landed TuTu media coverage on some of the top tech blogs including Slashgear and TechCrunch.

Roam & Wander successfully funded their Kickstarter project, exceeding their goal by nearly $1000. TuTu was also featured on a TV spot and in several online tech publications:

My role

Content strategy, research, and copy direction

Project partners

Creative Direction: Jesse Bryan
Copywriting: Cali Pitchel
Design: Jon Ashcroft, Brad McNally