ACS Technologies

ACS Technologies wanted to build a brand identity that would catalyze their internal team and cast vision for their customers. The result was a campaign built on a new mission statement: “Mobilizing you for ministry.”

With the recent major acquisition of The City, ACS Technologies (ACST), the largest church management provider with over 35 years of experience, partnered with BAJI to integrate their new product offerings into the ACST brand while casting a bold vision for the future to over 50,000 legacy clients.

With an eye towards creating cross-functionality between their recently developed management platform, Realm, and The City, ACST wanted to demonstrate how these two tools working together could empower the whole church for ministry.
Wanting to go beyond a traditional product pitch, ACST looked to BAJI to help them formulate a vision of how software could empower the church’s mission as a vital tool for a changing world by developing a comprehensive campaign for their upcoming Ideas to Impact 2013 conference.


Working closely with the ACST internal marketing team, BAJI developed a new messaging and visual language, and translated those concepts into a number of assets for the conference.


Traditionally, church management systems have focused on processing data and on the concept of freeing staff and pastors up for ministry. In talks with ACST, it became clear that their vision was much broader.

Rather than simply provide church management, ACST is focused on providing tools that empower ministry for everyone in the church, from members to staff to pastors. At the core, ACST wanted to effectively communicate that they existed to help churches as a trusted partner.

With this in mind, BAJI helped ACST refine their brand by providing both a new company tagline and a campaign direction centered on Jesus’ call to “Go and make disciples.”

Visual Language

With a number of product offerings, ACST wanted to create a single unifying visual language. We worked to develop a clean, illustrated, iconographic style that would work across all platforms to communicate the comprehensive vision for ACST’s services for churches.

The marquee component of the conference campaign was the writing, development, and production of a vision-casting video to share ACST’s new direction with conference goers.

Brochure and road map

We also used the new messaging and visual language to develop a companion brochure for the video and a road map that showed existing ACST customers what it looked liked to move from older ACST product offerings to newer platforms.

Pull-up banners were created to be placed around the conference center to attract attendees to review the printed materials and talk with ACST staffers about the company and its offerings.


To tie things together, we created a microsite that featured ACST’s vision for helping the church with their products, hosted the video, and shared tweets from the conference sessions.